Nathan DeFalco

The word “Rebelutionary” comes from the book “Do Hard Things”. It is one way of saying how teenagers can turn the world upside down (in a good way) for the sake of the cross. It’s the American teenager saying, “What, these are your expectations of me?  Here, you can have them back. I’ll set my own expectations.” And then watch them blow everyone away with what they can do.

Let me introduce myself. My name’s Nathan DeFalco and I am Associate Pastor of Children and Youth at Community Baptist Church in Reidsville, North Carolina. I also run the elementary and middle/high chapel here are Community Baptist School. Amy and I just moved up here not too long ago and enjoy living in the hills of North Carolina. I do consider myself a writer, but must confess, I have hesitated to enter the blogosphere mostly because I didn’t want to be considered “one of those guys”. I’m not against blogging. On the contrary, I read many and respond to many blogs. I just never thought I would find a reason to start one. Well, at the encouragement of some people (mostly my brother), I decided to start a blog. I’ll mostly be talking about topics that are of life importance. Whether it be religion, politics, ethics, philosophy, history, or current events, I’ll have an opinion on it and I’ll want to share it so, what a better way than on than on a blogsite for all my friends to read. And since I am a Youth Pastor, many of my blog entries will be youth related.

Most of all, I am thrilled to be representing my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. As much as I love writing, I love the fact that I can honor him in the things I love to do. He’s given me the desire to write and to him I give all the credit.

I’d like to get to know you more. You can find me on Facebook or email me: the defalcos @ hotmail. com (no spaces) .

If you’d like for me to come and speak at your church or youth group, just contact me and we will work something out. I would be thrilled at the opportunity.

2 thoughts on “Nathan DeFalco

  1. Hi, Nathan!

    Good article on FIC.

    Our church developed a poor reputation in town because of exclusivist home-schooling attitudes (combined with several other spiritual maturity problems that were unrelated to home schooling), and it has been difficult to correct. It’s just going to take time.

    I object to the statement “The church is a family of families”, as an unbiblical ecclesiology.

    Also, congratulations on using GL as your avatar! I use him, also. Hal Jordan isn’t perfect, but he never inked a deal with Mephisto to erase his own marriage, eh? I would have had to dump Spidey as an avatar, if I’d used him.

  2. Thank you for your kind comments. And yes, Hal Jordan right now is much more desirable to me than Peter Parker. Of course, I have never been much of a spider-man fan myself.

    BTW, why do you object to that statement being unbiblical? Actually, I’m not sure where on my blog you got that. Could you reply to the article you got that from?

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